"Those who pass us by, do not go alone, do not leave us alone.
Leave a little piece of yourself, take a little of us"
"Antoine de Saint-Exupery"

ACE Academy

What is the ACE Academy?

Imagine 7 top trainers training 7 participants carefully selected.

Now think about seven integrated workshops combined in a unique way to enhance your personal and professional development in 360 degrees.

Just add a compact rhythm, a highly practical approach and a close interaction of ACE training.

The output? Noticeable gains and exceeded expectations through the empowerment of your career. The Advanced Career Empowerment methodology (ACE) offers an intensive and innovative professional experience, in just a month.

Why ACE Academy?

Have you recently done a masters or a graduation course?

Or maybe other kind of training to optimize your professional skills?
And what benefits has this training brought you?

Just an additional line in your CV/Resumé or more power to make your career go higher? Different things, right?

That's why we have created ACE Academy, so that you only invest in yourself. Your academic and professional skills may be important, but personal skills are the ones which will stand out for current and future market opportunities.

And how are yours?

Can you communicate effectively?

i will!

We believe personal skills mean power.


Our stamina?

More than a goal, happiness is a journey to us. And in the road ahead, where each one drives his own path and seeks personal improvement, ACE Academy is there, promoting the development of leadership skills.

To get the best in you is the purpose of ACE Academy.

We offer you a unique, exclusive and innovative way, which combines personal training areas in a 360-degree intensive experience.

The professional and academic experience of coaches, along with our pursuit for excellence, all contribute to a trustworthy image of ACE Academy.



What will you get?

ACE Academy is fully committed to enhance the potential of each individual. Our methodology relies on personal and professional development, providing sources of inspiration and stimuli to accelerate the training of personal skills.

Each participant will train to better promote his own career, project or personal plan, allowing oneself to be perceived and positioned for the desired goal.

The greatest asset of each individual is its uniqueness.

We challenge you to be a proactive and unique personal brand, leaving an impression around everybody you communicate with.

Does your look match your professional goals?


More than a goal,
happiness is a journey to us.


ACE Academy and its team will help you building an invaluable brand to others. A team of 7 professionals from different areas of expertise, all focused on communication.

ACE Academy is also composed by 7 ambassadors, leaders and strong references in the business world. Browse their profiles and learn why they believe in this project.



Professional Style Consultant



ACE Academy is an intensive and intense
360 degrees experience.


The selection of participants is rigorous and made in an assertive way, so as to boost Ace Academy advanced training. If you are willing to invest and optimize your professional skills, join now.

Special invitations to join ACE Academy can be made by the ambassadors. In these cases, guests benefit from a special fee and direct entrance.

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